Kyla: 5 Months

Kyla is only one month away from being 6 months old! It’s crazy.

I like to call this month the moving and shaking month. This girl has been getting up on all fours for the past two weeks and rocking back and forth. I told B she would be crawling before we get to the beach in the first week in September and I would be shocked if she wasn’t!

Kyla turned 5 months on August 10th 2013


We recently transitioned her to 6 Month clothing.  It was so bittersweet. I’m having a hard time packing away her 3 month clothes. She’s growing so quickly, too quickly but how grateful I am she’s growing!

Kyla took her first plane trip too! We went to Chicago for BlogHer and the Save Babies Through Screening Blogger Baby Shower. Mason hasn’t even been on a plane yet! She was such a champ both times. We only had a little issue on the way back with her crying but otherwise she did great!

Here’s to another month with my baby girl <3

See how’s she’s grown:

Kyla at 1 Month

Kyla at 2 Months

Kyla at 3 Months

Kyla at 4 Months

Compare to Mason at 5 Months

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  1. Ashton DeRycke says

    It’s sooo bittersweet! Try flying by the 3-6 mo clothes and jumping straight to 9 and 12! My girl is a giant and I feel like she wasn’t a little baby newborn for very long. =/

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