Kyla: 2 Months


2 Months my baby is TWO months. How did this happen? Let me start with a disclaimer. Kyla is closer to 11lbs 1oz than 10lbs 7oz at the time I made this sign I went by my appointment with my midwife. On the 14th we went to the pedi for Kyla’s two month appointment and she was 11lbs 1oz and 23 inches long. Making the fact that she’s growing even more real.


Little Miss is meeting all her milestones (according to WTEWYE) and then some:

  • smile in response to your smile
  • respond to a bell in some way, such as startling, crying, quieting
  • vocalize in ways other than crying
  • on stomach lift head 45 degrees
  • hold head steady when upright
  • smile spontaneously
  • bring both hand together

She isn’t rolling yet, but I’m not concerned rolling would require tummy time on the floor and she gets most of her tummy time during baby wearing! With Mason when he was around 3 months I decided that he needed to roll, he did it almost immediately and shortly after he was crawling and then pulling himself up and then walking. I’m okay with Kyla waiting a little longer!


I call her my little Diva. She stops smiling right when the camera is pointed at her  90% of the time and she insists on being rocked or rather worn to sleep. She’s starting to recognize my carriers and that she’s about to be worn and she gets so excited! It’s quite adorable.


These pictures aren’t the greatest, I couldn’t get her to smile or even look at the camera for the life of me. When I finally did it was photo bombed by Big Brother and his bits!


 I imagine her saying, “Is this Real Life?”

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  1. Jessica B. says

    Kyla is just a little doll. I love the shirt she is wearing. It sure is fun to keep track of the milestones each month. Thanks for sharing.

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