Thanksgiving Deco Mesh Wreath Tutorial

I’m excited to share with you a step by step tutorial on how to make these ever so popular deco mesh wreaths. Deco mesh is beginner friendly and the wreath is cheap to make! This Thanksgiving Wreath will take about 20 minutes to make! I have become addicted to making them and am so excited to share this Thanksgiving Wreath tutorial with you.

Thanksgiving Wreath Tutorial

Supplies you will need:

(1) 16″ work wreath (with pipe cleaners already attached)–If u can’t find these a regular wreath frame works and you can add pipe cleaners to it

(1) 5 1/2″ x 30 ft Deco mesh ribbon

(1)  21″x 30 ft Deco mesh ribbon

(1)  2″ decorative ribbon

(1)  2 -1/2″ decorative ribbon

Fall greenery and pumpkins

Happy Thanksgiving Sign (I found mine at Hobby Lobby)


Glue Gun

You will be able to make 2 wreaths with the ribbon!

Thanksgiving wreath supplies

Let’s get started!

Start by grabbing the 21″ x 30 ft deco mesh. This is going to be your first of many layers. Starting from the inside take the end of the deco mesh and secure it with the pipe cleaner. These pipe cleaners will be your best friend throughout this process.

Thanksgiving Wreath step 1

Next, you want to gather some of the mesh to make a puff about 10 inches or so of mesh per puff and secure with the next pipe cleaner.

Thanksgiving Wreath step 2

Work your way around the inner part of the wreath until you get to same place you started.

Thanksgiving Wreath step 3

Don’t cut the mesh just secure it to the spot where you started it will help hide the ends and then move to the outer part of the frame.

Thanksgiving Wreath step 4

Here’s how it should look so far. It doesn’t have to be perfect, not every puff is going to look alike, that’s ok! Just pull and tuck! Deco mesh is very forgiving!

Thanksgiving Wreath step 5

Once you have finished covering the frame you are going to add the 5 1/2″ deco mesh over it. Again secure the end to a any pipe cleaner.

Thanksgiving Wreath step 6

You want to weave in and out securing the ribbon to the pipe cleaners along the way. This ribbon sits on top of your bottom layer so your not making those puffs!

Thanksgiving Wreath step 7

Once you get to your original starting point secure with the pipe cleaner and cut.  You can tuck the the raw edges under so that they are not visible. Here’s how it should look like now:

Thanksgiving Wreath step 8

Now to add the smaller accent ribbons! It will be exactly like adding the 5 1/2″ mesh.

Thanksgiving Wreath step 9

Remember to weave in and out and secure with your trusty pipe cleaners.

Thanksgiving Wreath step 10

You could stop here but I wanted to add another pop of color. Same process as before. Remember weave in and out.

Thanksgiving Wreath step 11

Now to add the greenery, pumpkins, signs whatever you would like to the wreath. Have fun with it and place them anywhere. Your pipe cleaners will secure these into place. If there are big and don’t stay still you can always use a little hot glue to hold it in place! Once you have added everything you can tuck the pipe cleaners into the wreath so they are not poking out and are not visible.

Thanksgiving Wreath step 12

I didn’t add my scarecrow (in the supplies picture) on this wreath but I will add it on another. I hot glued the Happy Thanksgiving sign to the ribbon. It’s all done!!!

Thanksgiving Wreath step 13

Have fun with it! The options are endless. They are very affordable to make and can be made for any holiday or celebration!

Thanksgiving Wreath Tutorial 2

Now to plan for my Christmas wreath!


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    I bought some nice wide mesh ribbon on clearance at Dollar General. I am hoping to try this soon … I just need to buy a wreath form. Thank you for the clear instructions.


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