Inertia Infant Car Seat #Review

In case you didn’t know this about me I’m huge on car seat safety. Which means that I love trying out new car seats so I jumped at the chance to do a Baby Trend Inertia Infant Car Seat Review! It has a ton of great features


  • 8-position adjustable head support
  • No harness rethreading as your child grows
  • EPS energy-absorbing foam for state-of-the-art head impact protection
  • New & Improved Delta multi-grip carrying handle
  • Crossbar for easy maneuvering when placing in base


  • Responds to forces instantly
  • Ease of installation
  • Rigid LATCH connectors
  • Adjustable base with 4 recline positions

Car seat Safety is really important to me and because of that It’s so hard for me to bite my tongue when I see poor car seat use. In my online groups I rarely bite my tongue, it’s so much easier to say something to someone online then it is in real life. Truth.

Here’s another truth. It’s not always easy or intuitive to install a car seat. Another truth? More people than you would think don’t read their car seat manual. So when it comes to car seats an easy to install car seat can often times be the safer car seat.

Installing the Inertia car seat was the easiest install I’ve ever had on an infant car seat. Hands down. The directions for how to install it are right on the base.

Inertia Infant Car Seat Review

You can install the base using the seat belt or the LATCH system which is what I use. I pressed the red buttons and slid it in between my seats to connect to the LATCH system and when I did it “clicked”.

Inertia Infant Car Seat Review

*excuse the dust, I cleaned it after taking the picture and then forgot to retake the picture lol*

After clipping in the seat you just take the rebound bar and push it back into the seat to tighten.

Inertia Infant Car Seat Review

And that it’s your done. The base doesn’t move more than an inch in either direction. It was seriously amazing. I loved that I didn’t have to sit on it in order to get a tight install. It just did it.

Moving on to the actual seat I loved that it had safety messages printed on the actual car seat. One reminds parents that when the child is in the car seat the straps should never be loosened and the clip should always be clipped otherwise it could cause strangulation in the child.

The other warning is on the chest clip. It shows the proper place the chest clip should be

Inertia Infant Car Seat Review 4

It’s also important that the straps are in the proper placement. When rear facing that placement should be at or below the shoulders. The Inertia Infant Car Seat is super easy to adjust. All you do is turn the knob!

Inertia Infant Car Seat Review

Beyond the safety features (which I love) the Inertia car seat is also super comfy for Kyla and provides great protection from the elements. It has a foot muff for colder weather that can easily be taken off for warm weather and the canopy provides protection from the elements!

Inertia Infant Car Seat Review 5

Inertia Infant Car Seat Review

So far we’re loving the Inertia Infant Seat by Baby Trend. I love how easy it was to install and use. B also loves it because unlike other car seats we’ve had it wasn’t a struggle for him to install it. Kyla seems to love it too which is always a plus!

Bottom Line? I’d buy it!

The Inertia Infant Car Seat retails for $179.99 and can be purchased at Babies R Us or on Amazon.

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  1. Sindy Murray says

    I would it like to have one like this with my son but maybe for the next one. I like the chest clip picture!!

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