Mason Monday: Christmas Edition

Okay so I’m like three weeks late on this. But I figured it had to be done! This year on Christmas Eve we started a new tradition. On Christmas Eve Mason, Baby3 and any future kids will open their Christmas PJs and a new Christmas book. This year we got Mason The Spirit of Christmas by Nancy … [Read more...]

Time to Get Decorating!


Time is just flying by! I went to NY to visit my family hence why you get brief glimpses of Ava and Luke in my Elf Magic post but now I'm back in VA and I have so much to do! I have to CLEAN and straighten things out and figure out where we're going to put our tree! And then there's the ornaments … [Read more...]

My Baby’s Famous!!!

Not too long ago Baby Einstein and I along with two other awesome bloggers My Silly Monkeys and So You Think You Can Mom got together and took some videos to share our favorite holiday moments with our little ones! The video is finished and I absolutely LOVE the way it came out! You can visit the … [Read more...]

Christmas #Fail

SO how many days is it until Christmas? I talked a big talk this year about how I was going to be super organized, cards sent out the day after Thanksgiving, Gifts wrapped weeks before Christmas, etc. etc. Well it turns out I am my mothers daughter. I JUST ordered my cards from Tiny Prints … [Read more...]