Holiday Gift Guide: B. Toys Walkness Monster


Can you believe that Kyla is old enough to cruise? Because I can hardly believe it, but it's true! Just the other day we were at the doctor's office and she actually took a step. Two steps actually (at different times) and that's not the first time she did it either. It was just the first time she … [Read more...]

Holiday Gift Guide: B. Toys Build-a-ma-jigs Racetruck


I've always been a huge fan of B. Toys. I love that they encourage hands on active play. Mason is going to be four in January and it's been so fun watching him grow and seeing him play differently. What do I mean by that? This year is the first year where I feel like he spends a lot of time … [Read more...]

Tips for a Clean & Clutter Free Holiday Celebration

I know that a lot of you may think I'm weird for this but I absolutely love hosting during the holidays. Yes, it's a lot of hard work but I love being in the comforts of my own home and if I'm going to be completely honest having control of the menu! But with hosting comes one thing I'm not super … [Read more...]

Holiday Gift Guide: Wonder Forge, Board Games for Kids


Some of my fondest memories growing up are playing board games with my family. I want to pass that along to my children. I want them to know how fun playing board games can be and I want to start them young which is why for the last two years both my son and my siblings have gotten Wonder Forge … [Read more...]