The Challenge: Rivals

I don't really watch The Real World anymore and when I do it's just so I can know who's who on The Challenge. The Challenge is one of my favorite reality series. Cute boys, drama and competition you can't beat that! This season is going to be FULL of dramaTags: The Challenge: Rivals, … [Read more...]

16 & Pregnant: Kayla {Episode 6 Recap & Thoughts}

This week's episode is about Kayla. She lives with her Mom, Deb. Her Mom and her Dad are divorced and she hardly ever sees her Dad. It's the summer before her senior year and her boyfriend Mike lives an hour away and already graduated high school but her Mom decides to let him move … [Read more...]

My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding Premieres {yay}

Okay call me crazy but I seriously can't wait to see My Big Fat Gypsy wedding on TLC which premiers on May 29th. I'm super excited about it. It seems totally out of control and fun. Here's a little preview. Holy Hell. It seems absolutely fascinating to me and you can bet I'll be tuning … [Read more...]

Bachelorette Bracket {Ashley}

UPDATE: I have a couple of people interested so here's what we'll do, fill out the bracket and post your filled out bracket on your blog, if you can link back to this post so we can get other people in on it too! Make sure you let me know where I can find the post! If you don't have a blog email me … [Read more...]