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Summer is officially here for us in Virginia and we are SO excited to take advantage of being off of school and the beautiful weather we’ve been having. We are already taking full advantage of this weather and heading outside every single day, usually to the park. Soon we’ll be adding river trips to the menu.

I’m sure it’s the same with your family but snacks around here are an absolute must. Every time we leave the house and go to the park, even if we just ate beforehand, the kids are STARVING! THEY NEED A SNACK. So snacks we must provide. Emilia is 16 months old and she’s jumped on the snacking band wagon too. Quick, easy and delicious are all musts for our snacks and I’m always looking for new things to add to our never-ending list of snack ideas.

Our latest addition is Gerber Organic Veggie Orange Harvest Crisps.

orange harvest veggie crisps

The girls and I headed to Walmart and grabbed the orange harvest and a box of Field Greens. Kyla couldn’t wait to get her little hands on them! I think if she could have reached the boxes we would have ended up with about 12! We found them in the baby aisle near the baby food.


Not only are they going to be perfect for trips to the park and river but they’re also going to be a great snack for Emilia when we head to Utah. Airport food isn’t exactly known for it’s nutritious qualities and these veggies crisps will give Emilia some much needed nutrients as we travel.

Emilia loves veggie crisp

Check out how awesome these are:

  • They’re made with real organic veggies
  • 35mg sodium per serving compared to 105 mg sodium in the leading veggie chip/snack
  • 3g of whole grains

The best part? They’re delicious and Emilia will actually eat them! She was so excited to get her hands on these and have a special snack all her own!
veggie crisp so yummy

If you don’t already have the Ibotta app on your phone make sure you grab it so you can get $1 off your purchase of Gerber Organic Veggies crisps at Walmart. For us it knocks the price down to $2.46 and there are 5 bags in each box which makes each bag about .50 cents! I love a good deal!

Where will you go with your brand new snack for your toddler? 

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