The Art of Snacking at the Park

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As soon as the weather allows, the kids and I spend as much time as possible at the playground. We live in an amazing area that not only has multiple playgrounds but also parks that allow for visits to the river and hiking trails. We are lucky!

We also lucked out in the friend department. We have an amazing playgroup and someone is always ready and willing to join as at the park. Whenever we head to the park I usually pack the kids a lunch and a ton of snacks. There’s something about visiting the park that screams “SNACK TIME” to kids. In fact, I’ll feed my kids right before we leave in an effort to limit snacking at the park and as soon as we get there and get settled my kids are HUNGRY! THEY NEED A SNACK. If I’m lucky they’ll be eyeing the snacks I brought and not those of the kid at the neighboring table.

In order to combat this phenomenon known as “Snack FOMO”. I try to have special “just for the park” snacks. We headed to Walmart to stock up on our special park snacks since we’re home for an entire week on spring break and we found Annie’s Organic White Cheddar Popcorn in the popcorn aisle. They’re organic and made with REAL cheese, making it a better for the kids snack than some other choices at the store.

annie's white chedder popcorn

Another thing I’ve learned to do when it comes to park snacking? BRING EXTRA. See it’s not just my kids who suffer from snack FOMO but also other people’s children. So we don’t just bring a bag of our favorite Annie’s Organic Graham Crackers. We bring the whole box.

annie's bunny grahams

And if we’re working on the trifecta of snacking my kids actually sharing it with each other rounds it out.

I don’t always go for the trifecta, but when I do Annie’s is typically involved.

kyla loves annie's

Got that trifecta? Better for us. Enough for everyone. Sharing. What are you favorite Annie’s snacks?

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