Smart Flow for the #PouchWin

When Mason and Kyla were little we did Baby-Led Weaning which also at times included those little pureed pouches because to me, it fit right into baby-led weaning. I wasn’t feeding them, they were feeding themselves. More often than not though my kids would either flat out refuse to eat them OR pour half the pouch down their shirt instead of in their mouth.

Talk about a mess.

I refuse to give up though because I’ve seen a good friend’s baby suck a pouch down in about 5 seconds flat and they just make life so much easier. We are always on the go, so anything that can easily go on the go with us is a major win. The problem with pouches though has always been that when left in the wrong hands they end up everywhere. The game has changed though with Gerber Smart flow.

Did you see that? They held it upside down and it didn’t immediately drip everywhere. I can already envision all the messes I won’t have to clean up. Emilia has already gotten her hands on one and it was a hit. I was so excited because my other two weren’t nearly as into pouches when they were little, although they are now. Apparently since it’s not in a jar it’s not baby food and it’s delicious. Go figure!

gerber grabbers

Little miss independent was thrilled to be feeding herself and I was thrilled at how easy and relatively mess-free lunchtime was. As for the big kids they were all about the smart flow pouches for snack time! Smart Flow is brand new so you won’t be able to find it everywhere just yet. We live in a small-ish town and were able to find ours at our local Kroger. If you’re lucky they’ll have a nice little sign like this one to let you know they’re in!

gerber smart flow at Kroger

We got the Apple, Mango, Strawberry flavor and Strawberry Banana. And I can’t wait to see what other flavors are coming out. The Apple Sweet Potato and Banana Blueberry sound like winners too!

What has been your experience with pouches in the past? Will you try them again now that smart flow exists?

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