New Life in Our Yard

A couple of months ago just after Emilia turned 1 we had to put our dog down. It was heartbreaking. He was just shy of 8 years old and we thought we would have many more years with him. We have been missing him around our house. He was a staple in our yard and I always felt more confident with him around. He would do just about anything for us. He made me feel safe! While he made us feel safe I think the little critters in our area felt the opposite way. Lately we’ve been noticing a bunny in our backyard, one that wouldn’t run away when the kids went to get a good look at it. I KNEW her borrow had to be somewhere close. It didn’t take long for us to discover it in our next door neighbor’s yard who also happens to be B’s dad!

bunny borrow

Just the other day Ky caught a glimpse of the bunny in our yard so we ran outside to check it out!

mama bunny

While we were taking a good look Kyla “spied” something else special going on. Little baby birds learning how to fly from the tree in her PawPaw’s yard to the tree in our yard!

baby bird in our shed

We were able to get such a good view of them!

close up

We even spotted what we believe is their nest! Do you see it?

the nest

Being able to see signs of new life in our very own backyard was such a blessing for the kids and I. We miss Cash so much so it was nice to be able to enjoy some animals in our backyard again. We need to soak it up because hopefully by this time next year a brand new puppy will be around chasing off all the bunnies!

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