DIY Dryer Sheets

One of the last places that I’ve cleaned up as far as our products go has been the laundry room which is kind of crazy when you think about the fact that we wear clothes 24/7 unless you’re one of my kids. Then you wear clothes like 50% of the day. I feel like I’m always saying to K, “where are your pants?”. Where they always are. Not on her.

Where was I? Oh yes! Cleaning up our laundry room products.

I switched over my detergent to Young Living Thieves detergent shortly after it came out. It wasn’t too long until I purchased some wool dryer balls. Personally I think they work great for helping to reduce drying time and as a natural fabric softner. BUT they don’t seem to help with static. Static drives B wild. He can’t stand when I “forget” to put dryer sheets in the dryer with his clothes. I’m going to keep it super real. I never “forget” I purposefully leave them out because I know they’re not the best for your skin.

I never thought to make my own dryer sheets–I thought the wool dryer balls were suppose to replace those, but I was wrong! DIY dryer sheets and wool balls serve a different purpose. Namely, reducing static in our clothes! It is surprisingly easy to make your own and I only wish I would have done it sooner! Here’s everything you’ll need to make your own dryer sheets.

Dryer Sheets

You’ll Need:

Mason Jar with plastic lid
Muslin Cloths
1/4 cup water
1/4 distilled white vinegar
Young Living Purification or essential oil of choice


  • Pour 1/4 cup water and 1/4 cup distilled vinegar into your mason jar.
  • Add 10 drops of your choice of essential oil. I really love Young Living’s Purification or Lavender for dryer sheets.
  • Put the lid on your jar and shake it up.
  • Add 7-10 dryer sheets into the mixture making sure that all muslin cloths get damp.

Pro Tip

  • I put a few “dryer sheets” in the bottom of the jar and let them absorb the water, then I take them out, put additional sheets in the jar and squeeze the excess water out of the sheets I took out of the bottom of the jar. The sheets do not have to be soaking wet!
  • I keep a pre-made batch of water/vinegar/essential oil in a mason jar on my dryer. That way when my dryer sheets come out of the dryer I can just put them in a new mixture and put them back into routine quickly.

Overall I’m really happy with this change. The clothes DO NOT smell like vinegar. The static is greatly reduced as long as I keep load sizes reasonable and/or put the proper amount of dryer sheets into the load.

homemade dryer sheets

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    This is such a great idea! I’ve been missing using my dryer sheets, but gave them up a long time ago. This is a great, easy alternative. Thanks!

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