Essential Oil Deals & Steals

We’re oil obsessed in the Little Us household. For 2 1/2 years we have used essential oils on a daily basis to support our health and wellness goals. You can learn more here. While the oils are pivotal to those goals so are the accessories that go along with it. Whether you’ve just gotten started with essential oils or you’re a seasoned pro you will find something on this list that you’ve got to have!

essential oil deals and steals

First up! Storage! You’re going to need to store your oils. I started off with this case and quickly realized I need much more room. I love that this one keeps the oils upright. I also love the natural wood box, it will go with any decor and can even be painted. Grab it here.

EO box holder

Now that you’ve got storage you’re going to need roller bottles so that you can create your own perfume or blends. I love the colorful lids of the Root + Petal roller bottles.

root and petal rollers

When you’re making blends you typically want to have a carrier oil to dilute your oils. The first carrier oil I ever got was fractionated coconut oil. I think it’s the most versatile.

organic fractionated coconut oil


When you’re making your roller bottles or re-purposing your essential oil bottles this little essential oil top opener will make life much easier!

EO lid opener


Where you go, your oils must go! I love this essential oil travel case. The patterns are gorgeous!

travel case


We switched over to Thieves Laundry detergent over a year ago but until recently we were still using dryer sheets! That all changed when we got wool dryer balls.

dryer balls

It turns out though that wool dryer balls, while reducing dryer time, do not get rid of static. So we purchased some muslin clothes and made our own dryer sheets!

muslin clothes

Another thing essential oil accessory I can’t live without is spray bottles. Specifically for room sprays and cleaning. The four ounce size is perfect for room sprays.

4oz glass bottles


What are you must have essential oil accessories?



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