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Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about “love languages”. I’ve taken the quiz before and my love language is *not* gift giving but around the holidays I feel like it is, especially for my children. I love getting them stuff and seeing the look on their faces when they open their gifts on Christmas morning. If I had an unlimited budget I’m fairly certain the gifts would be as high as the tree. I wouldn’t be able to help myself.

This year my favorite person to shop for is Mason, he gave me a great list to work from and then of course I could come up with some other ideas that I knew he would love. Mason is a huge fan of STEM toys and so am I. Not sure what a STEM toy is? STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and math. So a STEM Toy is basically incorporating any of those things into a toy for kids. There are so many awesome STEM toys out there so I created a STEM holiday gift guide to help you narrow it down from all the amazing options available to us.



  1. GeoSmart Lunar Rover: The GeoSmar Lunar Rover comes with 5 different geometric magnetic tiles and wheels for your child to create a Lunar Rover. There are two different designs they can make. I love that this STEM toy gives you variety. Your child can make different types of Lunar Rovers or use the geometric shapes to build without the wheels. GeoSmart makes quite a few toys including the Mars Explorer. I also love that the names encourage imaginative play. Creating vehicles to explore space is pretty exciting stuff! lunar-rover-cars
  2. Learning Resources Code & Go Robot Mouse Activity Set: This activity introduces children to the fun of coding and puzzle solving. Children will code the mouse to follow the maze that they created.
  3. Jumbo Magnifiers: Never underestimate the power of a simple toy. These magnifying glasses will give kids endless fun. Pair it with a bug kit and they’ll have hours of play in your backyard!
  4. Sum Swamp: Perfect for kids who are learning math, kids will add and subtract their way across this fun, educational board game!
  5. Osmo Coding: Osmo has a bunch of STEM related activities that work with your iPhone or iPad. Osmo Coding will introduce kids to coding while teaching them logic and problem solving skills.
  6. Amaze n’ Marbles: Love the idea of STEM toys but want to give the special kiddo in your life something that isn’t too techy? Amaze n’ Marbles is the toy for you. This is a classic toy that gets your children building and problem solving to make sure they can get their marble to the end of their maze!
  7. Volcano Science Kit: What kid doesn’t want to make something and then watch it explode? This Volcano Science Kit will sure to be a crowd pleaser, especially if you offer to do it with them!
  8. Microscope Lab: The Magic School Bus has an entire line of educational toys but this one caught my eye. The kids comes with lots of things to check out under the microscope but it also enables you to put your own slides and stuff you find around the house under the microscope!
  9. Get Slimmed!: I haven’t met a kid yet who doesn’t love slime. It even includes a worm maker.
  10. Tasty Science: Most kids love helping in the kitchen and this set will help them understand why cakes rises and soda pop fizzes. This set will bring out the scientist in all of them.

With so many awesome STEM toys to choose from it’s hard to pick just one. Of all the STEM toys we looked at I picked up the GeoSmart Lunar Rover set for him and added Amaze n’ Marbles, Microscope Lab and the Volcano Science Kit to his wishlist. So many of these options are in stock NOW and available to ship by Christmas if you order today and have Prime. Grab it while you can and have a Happy Holiday!

Which one would your kiddo love?

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