8 Reasons Your Elf on the Shelf Didn’t Move

First and foremost I want to do a huge shout out to Santa Claus. Thank you so much for sending elves every year at Christmas time to look after the kids. They love finding them every morning and I love seeing their faces. You would be surprised how much it adds to my life as well. Once I get into bed I think about those elves. Where are they now? Where are they going to be tomorrow? How will they move?

There are some mornings that I wake up and those little elves didn’t move! OH NO! What’s a mom and dad to do? Make excuses for them of course! Here are eight reasons your elf on the shelf didn’t move just in case!


1. Oh man! We had such a busy day yesterday and the elves had so much watching to do that they must have been too tired to travel all the way back to the North Pole and back again!

2. EEK! You stayed up past your bedtime and that didn’t give the elves enough time to go to the North Pole and back!

3. You woke up too early. The elves don’t leave and come back until around 9ish and it’s only 5:30 AM right now!

4. I told the elves not to visit Santa and to give you guys a second chance after yesterday’s shenanigans. You’re welcome.

5. Did you touch one of them last night? Are you sure you didn’t? I think you did! Let’s give them some Christmas Spirit to get that magic back and they’ll be moving in no time!

6. Your little sister was up all night and so was I. They couldn’t move with us up and walking about.

7. So that’s what the dog was barking about last night! I bet he saw them getting ready to go to the North Pole, started barking and scared them so they stayed put! We need to let the dog know that elves are cool!

8. Wow! They must have had a lot of fun in this spot, they didn’t want to leave it! Kinda like when you go to the park and you love it so much you don’t want to leave!

I hope you never have to supply your kiddos with one of these excuses but if you do, I’ll be glad you were prepared because there is nothing like figuring our why your elf on the shelf didn’t move at 5 AM when your kids wake you up to go to the bathroom!

May the odds be ever in your favor.


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