Preparing Your Dog for Holiday Travel + Year of Beneful Dog Food Giveaway

When I was growing up all my grandparents and most of my Aunts and Uncles lived within about a 25 mile radius of me. When the holidays came around we never had to travel out of town. Most years we would drive a max of 20 minutes away to visit with our family. As an adult things have really changed. I live six hours away from half of my grandparents and most of my Aunts and Uncles. We have a host of responsibilities at home and family that we want to see. One of our biggest responsibilities is our dog, Cash.

Holiday travel when you have a pet can be a bit more of challenge. You have three options when you need to travel and you have a dog:

  1. Bring your dog with you.
  2. Board them.
  3. Have someone come and take care of them.

None of those options are ideal but one of them probably works for you more than the others do. For us the option that works out best for us is option number three; having someone come and take care of Cash! When we travel for the holidays that’s exactly what we do. Even with having someone come and take care of Cash, meaning he’ll be in his home environment there are still things we need to do to prepare Cash and the person watching your dog.


  1. Make sure you have everything your pets needs fully stocked, their favorite treat, Beneful dry food, bones and favorite toys. Basically you want to make sure that everything your dog needs and loves to survive your time away is plentiful so your pet sitter nor your dog have to stress about anything.
  2. The sitter you have come watch your pup needs to be available for their typical routine. If your dog usually goes out first things in the morning, the afternoon and twice in the evening whoever is watching your animal needs to be available to do the same things.
  3. Provide an emergency contact list for your pet sitter so that they know who to call or where to go in the case of an emergency for your animal. Some numbers to include: Your phone number and the number of someone you’ll be with, your dog’s doctor, the local animal hospital and your local pet shelters.
  4. Let your sitter know of any quirks that your dog might have so that they’re aware of anything that can make your dog anxious or uneasy.
  5. If your dog will not have someone with them at all times leave a light on or two for them so when it gets dark outside they’re not in the dark in your home. One light on each level in the areas they spend the most time should be sufficient.

Your personal list may be longer or shorter depending on your house and the needs of your dog. The most important thing is to make sure that your dog and the pet sitter are prepared for your time away and can function without you.


When you come back don’t forget to give your dog tons of love and let them know how much you missed them and that Santa didn’t forget about them! A simple stocking on Christmas morning will make them feel loved and not forgotten. Can you believe this is the first year he’s had a stocking!?


They will love that. Something else you and your dog will love? A year’s supply of Beneful + a fun holiday giveaway in honor of Christmas! Enter the giveaway below to end the holiday season with a bang!


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