10 Books for Christmas

Every year I get the kids new Christmas books. They open it on Christmas Eve, we read each of them and then they head off to bed and mama heads off to wrap. My favorite part about this tradition is picking out a book for each of the kids that I know they will love. Over the years I have had many choices. Some we have purchased and some are still on our wishlist. Regardless of my growing wish list I still love to see what’s out there. I love to guess which ones are going to become classics. Here are the 10 books for Christmas that caught my eye this year.


1. Room for a Little One by Martin Waddell

2. Bear Stays Up for Christmas by Karma Wilson and Jane Chapman

3. How to Catch Santa by Jean Reagan

4. The Berenstain Bears and The Joy of Giving by Jan and Mike Berenstain

5. All I Want For Christmas Is You by Mariah Carey

6. You Are Merry by Marianne Richmond

7. Christmas in the Manger by Nola Buck

8. How to Catch an Elf by Adam Wallace

9. 5 Minute Christmas Stories by Disney Book Group

10. Home Alone: The Classic Illustrated Storybook  by Kim Smith

We already love and own Christmas in the Manger. What books I get them this year is still up in the air but I’m pretty sure I’ll be getting “All I Want for Christmas is You” for Kyla, “Home Alone” for Mason and “You Are my Merry” for Emilia. How to Catch Santa was up there on my list too but I’m a little nervous it will give the kids ideas! 5 Minute Christmas Stories was also up there on my list since we just got back from Disney. Apparently I just need to have two more kids so I can get five picks every year instead of just three!

Which Christmas book caught your eye?

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