A Knight, a Witch and a Unicorn

A few years back I saw a trio of siblings in a knight, dragon and princess costume that convinced me that having another child was an absolute must. The kids were just so darn cute and I could imagine three little kids of mine dressed similarly. I’ve always been a sucker for matching siblings costumes. While it may have been inspiration for another baby I never actually thought I’d get to see my dream come to fruition. Imagine my surprise when this year Mason decided he wanted to be a knight. Kyla who typically is a princess decided she wanted to be a witch and a year ago I found the perfect costume for BabyG4 aka Emilia, a unicorn.

While it’s not exactly a knight, a princess and a dragon I think our little spin is just as good. In fact I would say it’s quite magical. Emilia made the cutest unicorn I’ve ever seen in my life. I finally understand people’s obsession with them!


She was able to stay nice and warm all night long and never missed a cute beat.


And my little trio proved that fairy tales are real.


It’s so interesting to see how things have changed over the years. We’ve been joining the same friends and their kids for Halloween for a few years now. Mason has changed so much since we first started. This time around he ran ahead with the big kids and rarely looked back. Kyla has started to gain her independence too. At first she wanted me to walk up to every door with her and then all of a sudden she was dashing off, knocking on doors and ringing doorbells with no concern as to where I was. Emilia like my babies before her slept on my back for most of our trick or treating adventure. It’s wild to think that next year she’ll be toddling along with the best of them.

Where does the time go?

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