Easy Frozen Teething Bites

So far all of my kids have been later teethers. Emilia is just now getting her first tooth and she just turned 8 months old. Mason was the same way and didn’t get his first tooth until he was 8-9 months old and Kyla didn’t get first tooth until she was 11 months going on 12 months. I’ve always heard that late teethers don’t teeth as bad as those who get their teeth earlier. I don’t know if that’s true or not but I do know my kids have never been too terrible when it comes to teething. Even so that doesn’t mean my littles don’t need some extra tender loving care when they’re getting teeth.


Emilia has quite a few different food that she loves to munch on. One of them is apples. I think as much as she likes the flavor she also loves the texture of the apples. Since we’re a baby-led weaning family she gets a whole slice. I have no doubt that it feels good on her gums but sometimes she needs a little more. Sometimes she needs something colder than usual so I whipped her up some heart shaped teething bites. Since she loves apples I used MultiGrain & Apple Sweet Potato cereal as my base for the teething bites. We picked it up at our local Walmart, they had a ton of variety.


This recipe is super easy. All you need is 1 part cereal to 2 parts breastmilk or formula. Play around with this ratio. By adding your own breastmilk or formula you can really make this the exact consistency you need and want. The same goes for when you’re making the cereal for them to eat normally. It’s so easy to find the perfect consistency for whatever stage they’re in. New to soli little ones will want a runnier consistency while older babies like Emilia can have thicker cereal.

The cereal also helps to provide iron that your baby needs. If you’re giving them just plain cereal two servings per day will provide 90% of the iron babies need. In addition to iron the cereal provides calcium, zinc, vitamins C and E. There are so many different types and flavors that you can really create something special for your little one. These teething bites melt in their mouth an provide instant relief. Another idea is to combine half cereal and half fruit mixed along with breastmilk. It’s like little baby ice pops but much easier to manage and not nearly as messy. Win. Win.



Frozen Teething Bites


1 part oatmeal
2 parts breast milk or formula


  1. Combine ingredients until desired texture is reached. Pour into mold and freeze.
  2. Give to baby whenever he/she needs a little extra TLC while teething.

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