15 Halloween Costumes for Siblings

A couple of years ago I wrote this post and I’m pretty sure that’s the moment that I decided I was for sure going to have another kid. I couldn’t get over how cute the costumes were especially the knight, princess and dragon. This year without even trying my dream is sorta coming true. Mason decided he wants to be a knight. Kyla is being a witch and Emilia is going to be a unicorn. While it’s not exactly a knight, a princess and a dragon I think it still works. I’m pretty sure I can convince Kyla to wear one of her many princess costumes for at least one of our Halloween events. Knowing that a vision I had is coming to light is making me think about other fun costume ideas. What can I get away with next? Here are 15 Halloween costumes for siblings that I’m obsessing over right now.


First up, Miss Piggy and Kermit. This would work for larger families too. Just add more muppets!



I love Grease so I’m all about this costume. More siblings? Some pink ladies or T-birds were work!



I love this combo especially when you consider older sibling/young sibling dynamics!



This is so perfect and can work for any family size. A fourth kid could be a football!



Cat costumes are so easy to put together so this is automatically a favorite of mine.



How precious is this? More siblings=more sheep!



This is one of my most favorite holiday movies so I had to include this. So cute!



This is too perfect. If you have more than two kids they could be different kinds of cookies.



I love this BUT I love a full family costume even more. I’m thinking the kids as police officers and mom and dad as prisoners 😉



This costume is so on trend right now.



This costume had me cracking up! I had to include it!



Maybe this costume will give your kids the hint they need to do the laundry even if they’re under 10.



Family of three, BLT. 4th sibling? Add a pickle or some ketchup.



This costume set would be perfect for a large family or cousins. Two siblings? Just Batman and Robin would work!



I love how creative this costume is! Brush em’, Brush em’, Brush em’!



Are you dressing your kids in matching costumes? What are you going to do?

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A Knight, a Witch and a Unicorn
Slow Cooker Southwestern Chicken

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