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It seems like lately all I’ve been doing is traveling and when you’re traveling with children it means a lot of prep. This time around we’re traveling down to North Carolina for my cousin’s wedding. I’ve been running errands at all hours of the day. Dragging my poor kiddos from store to store making sure that I’m completely prepared. We leave in just a couple of days and I still have a ton to do. Bringing three kids shopping is almost always an adventure. I try to contain them as best because it doesn’t matter if we’re at a convenience store, a clothes store or Target, they’re always trying to run around and explore. The only thing that saves me sometimes is sticking them in the cart and giving them a snack.


Keeping them entertained in Target isn’t that hard because they want to look at every aisle we go down. The problem is more keeping them focused. I have the same exact issues. Who can stay focused in Target with all that fun stuff? Their favorites seem to be the toy aisle and the baby aisle. They love picking out stuff for Emilia. That’s how we found lil Beanies it was right in the baby aisle near all the clothes I obsess over.


Grabbing them a snack while I picked out some clothes for them proved to be a good choice. All the kids enjoyed them. So much so that Kyla was pretty slow to share with her big brother. I may have caught her saying heck to the no on camera. She’s never going to live that one down.


Poor kid. He’s outnumbered in this family. Girls for days. Emilia is finally getting big enough to get in on the cart action and the snack action. She’s big on sharing. Especially if it’s already been in her mouth. yummmm.


The lil beanies did their job. The kids stayed focused on the snacks while I did what I had to do.  Their favorite was the Broccoli and Cheddar. My favorite was saving .75 cents on Ibotta and even more with Cartwheel (hurry it ends soon!). They don’t always love running errands with me but they know at some point I will make it up to them. Even with being crazy running errands I want them to have fun too. An errand followed by a quick trip to the arboretum always makes everyone happy. Maybe being happy is what inspired Kyla to share willingly with her little sister at the arboretum.


I love that she’s so willing to share and that the snack she’s sharing is perfect for little hands. Both hers.


and Emilia’s.


Mason and Kyla were easy to ask if they like their new snacks. Emilia showed me she liked them by devouring them and digging in for  me.


Made with Navy Beans, lil’ Beanies has 2g of protein and 1g of fiber which makes me pretty darn excited. It’s nice to have another snack that the kids love and a snack that makes my days easier. You can find them at Target, where you can find lots and lots of other stuff to love 😉

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