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About two years ago, I was in Chicago in a Delta Faucet showroom checking out all of their awesome products. It was then that I realized just how cool shower heads and faucets could be. And no, I’m not kidding.

You would think after having my Delta touch faucet installed in my kitchen I would have known that, but being in the showroom just really drove everything home. Delta isn’t just making run-of-the-mill faucets and shower heads, the brand is leading the way in technology to help make our lives easier while also conserving water, helping both the planet and our water bills. To my family and I, that’s a really appealing combination.

Our old shower head was a Delta as well, a Temp2O.

We’re pretty big fans (I haven’t tried a Delta product that I don’t love) but I’ve been dying to get under an H2Okinetic shower head ever since I saw them in action at the Delta Faucet showroom. If they had let me get under it in the showroom, I totally would have done it. We got the H2Okinetic Raincan Single Setting showerhead this time around. It looks great in our bathroom and I love how clean it looks since it’s just a shower head and isn’t a handheld.


What’s H2Okinetic technology?

The H2Okinetic Technology sculpts the water into a unique wave pattern to give the feeling of more water while using less. This showerhead is water-efficient and WaterSense Certified. Here is a video of my shower head to show how it works. You can see the way the water moves and rotates which is really cool.

I’ve been using our new shower head for about a week and I haven’t noticed that I’ve been using less water at all. It feels like the same amount I’ve always used and more than enough to get the job done, which is especially important when you have little kids. We’re always making huge messes around here. With three kids I’m sure that’s no surprise. From baking to playing outside, some sort of #HappiMess is always going on with my little #MessMakers.


See What Delta Can Do.

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