Ask The Moms: What Do You Wish You Would Have Known About Having a Baby

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When I become a mom over six years ago my mom had just had a baby two years prior. I felt like I was pretty well versed on babies. What was normal, what probably wasn’t. Then I had a baby, one that I was responsible for 24/7 and I realized that while being the oldest of 7 kids was certainly helpful there was still a ton that I didn’t know. There was still a ton that I wish that someone, anyone, would have told me. I knew that I wasn’t alone. I knew that there were a ton of other moms out there just like me. Wishing they had been told something earlier so that they weren’t sitting there worrying and wondering if everything was normal. If everything was going to be alright.

So I’m doing you a favor moms-to-be. I polled my mom’s group and I’m giving you those answers. I’m letting you know what moms around the country wish they would have known about having a baby.


I wish I would have known how smart babies are! It amazes me that even though they can’t communicate verbally, you can still tell when they understand something!
–Maureen M.

Don’t feel bad about holding your baby!
–Sarah J.

There are different types of diaper rashes that require different treatment. The amount of questions I see on baby boards about rashes shows me we need some more education about this.


Just ignore all of the bad advice you get. Nod and move on. It’s easier than trying to explain “your way”, and it’s better than making enemies. Everyone thinks they know everything about your baby and what you “should” be doing, but your mama instincts are usually spot on!
-Amber R.,

That you’re not a crazy mommy for going to your family doctor five times in the first three weeks. The nurses and doctors would much rather you feel confident in your child’s health than have you stay home and worry. Mommy mentality is just as important.
–Sarah E.

Every baby is different so there is no way to REALLY know what to expect…some babies are great sleepers, some are not. Some like to be swaddled, some don’t. Some like a pacifier, some don’t.
–Sarah R.


Try not to let the bad moments outweigh the good ones. There are going to be hard times for sure, and it will feel like it will never end, but it will. The weeks and months go by so fast. And don’t be afraid to ask for help!
–Theresa L.

I wish someone had encouraged me to stand up for my rights as Caleb’s mom while he was in the NICU. There was no medical reason that we couldn’t be doing regular skin-to -skin, nursing from day one etc. I also have a lot of regrets about things they did without me present like his bath and hep b shot. I just wanted to be there but nobody asked.
–Katie M.

I wish people were more open about how common the “baby blues” are. As my hormones were crashing in the weeks after giving birth I had no idea what was happening and was incredibly emotional. If I had known it was normal I would have felt a lot better about the emotions I was feeling.
–Jennifer C.


I wish I had known how little I would know. I naively expected some sort of innate intuition to kick in, that I would just know how to care for my own child. Nope. Lost little puppy dog.
–Cara H.

I wish I would have known that no 2 babies are alike. What works for one may not necessarily work for another. I also wish I would have known that babies like to play with everything that is not a toy. It would have saved us a ton of money!
–Andrea B.

I wish I didn’t buy half as much stuff! Newborns need very little, I would have saved money if I bought stuff as the need arose!
–Jenny B.

Can we touch on those last two “wish I would have knowns”? Newborns need very little. You just need the basics. Clothes, carseat, stroller or baby carrier, food, love, diapers, wipes and diaper rash cream (because it’s going to happen at least once). Why Boudreaux’s Butt Paste? I love that it was developed by a pharmacist and a father of four. It made without harsh ingredients and starts healing on contact. It’s paraben, preservative and phthalate-free and contains no artificial fragrances. Available in three varieties, Original, Maximum Strength and Natural there is a variety for every need and family.

What about you? What are the true necessities for newborns? As a new mom what do you wish you would have known about having a baby?

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