Emilia’s 7 Months

7 months with Emi Em!


Emilia’s little personality is really starting to shine through. She loves to dance with my mom and play fun games with her. She is super ticklish and will even start laughing before we tickle her because she knows that it’s coming. It’s super cute.


She thinks the world of Mason and Kyla. Every time she lays eyes on them her whole face brightens up.


She’s still pretty much exclusively breastfeeding but she has been trying some foods. She had some Avocado for her first food. And I give her different veggies here and there. That’s what I love about baby-led weaning. We don’t have to worry about purees every day at specific times of the day. She just gets a little something with us as we eat.


We’ve been going to the river as much as we can and she absolutely loves the water. She wants to throw herself into it face first. I love that she’s a water baby just like her brother and sister. I wonder if she’ll be swimming as early as Kyla was.


I can’t seem to get over that little face. Her smile makes my heart melt. I feel lucky to be her mama.

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