5 Tips for Welcoming a New Baby Home with a Dog + Beneful Giveaway

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Six months ago we welcomed Emilia into our home. This was our third time bringing a newborn home and it’s always a transition for everyone. Sometimes when you’re so busy getting ready for baby and getting siblings ready for a new person entering their lives, a person who is going to affect every second of their day you forget that there is another life that’s about to change. A life that’s going to need some help transitioning–your furry friend. We are super blessed that Cash is a wonderful dog. He’s not often anxious and he’s so good with our kids. He’s a nanny dog for sure!

Even with how wonderful he is we still wanted to make these transitions as easy as possible on Cash. We’ve learned a lot of things over the years and while Cash seems to be getting used to these new people joining our home every three years or so we still want to make sure that we’re keeping him happy during this huge change in our lives. Here are some tips to help your dog welcome a new baby into the home!

help your dog adjust to a new baby

  1. This is an age-old trick but it’s one that works. Before you bring baby home give your dog something of the baby’s to smell that way they’re used to its scent. If you’re like our family and won’t be gone long enough to give the dog something that smells like your baby before the baby gets home just let your dog meet your new baby once you get home, don’t keep the baby from them, that will only make them more curious.
  2. Don’t give all your attention to the baby. Our dogs need love and attention too! While your main focus will be on the baby don’t forget to give your dog lots of love too. Make sure you’re petting your dog and talking to your dog as your normally  would, at the very least, don’t ignore him/her completely.
  3. No matter how many babies you’ve brought home before it’s always smart to supervise your dog and the baby’s interactions. This goes for when they’re active too. Babies and toddlers love to explore and sometimes that means a finger to your favorite dog’s eyeball. Cash takes it like a champ but every dog is different.
  4. Keep their routine the same. I know what it’s like to have a brand new baby and a dog so I know this won’t always be easy but as much as possible keep their routine the same. If you feed them at 7pm every night feed them at 7pm even after the baby gets here. If you usually go for walks at 6pm go for a walk at 6pm better yet, send someone else out with the dog while you rest up with baby!
  5. Keep them calm. This is important not only for your dog but for the new little baby and you. There are so many different ways that you can calm your dog. One of the best ways is to make sure they’re able to get all their energy out. This is especially important for younger dogs. Make sure that you’re bringing them on their walks and playing with them. When Cash seems to have WAY too much energy I’ll break out my diffuser and diffuse Peace & Calming or Lavender.

Welcoming a baby into the home is a huge transition for your furbaby but just because every transition isn’t big doesn’t mean one isn’t happening! Did you know that when you switch dog foods you have to take it slowly and transition them from one food to the next? I honestly had no idea but luckily it’s easy enough to do. We recently transitioned Cash to Beneful Originals after they reformulated their recipe. Real meat is now the first ingredient in Beneful’s beef and chicken dry foods. Beneful dry food recipes also have no added sugar. Beneful is actively listening to what dog owners want which makes us and our pups happy!

Cash loves Beneful

Want to get your hands on a free sample for your favorite dog? Get it here. Read the ingredients, let your dog try it out and then head to Beneful.com to review it and let us know what you think.


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