When in Rockland: The Filling Station

We’re going to kick off this When in Rockland series with The Filling Station aka TFS. My brother was the first person to introduce me to TFS. He brought me home a burger and fries and I devoured it. I was shocked at how good it tasted considering the fact that he brought it home to me. If it’s that good when brought home in a doggy bag it’s gotta be good in person right? I didn’t get a chance to actually go there and sit down until this trip but it’s quickly becoming my favorite spot to stop and grab a burger in the North Rockland area.


It’s located right on 9W in Haverstraw in a building that has been vacant or run down for what seems like my entire life. So not only am I pretty excited that the food is awesome but I’m also pretty thrilled that there is no longer an eyesore there. I’m a huge believer in the experience. Yes, I want my food to be awesome but I also want to have a good experience. I want the staff to be nice and friendly and the atmosphere to be perfect. TFS didn’t disappoint.

TFS counter

How cool are these condiment trays? Why doesn’t every restaurant have these?



tables with condiment tray

I love this touch of keeping all the straws, napkins and to-go condiments in the tool holder.


straws, condiments  tfs

Now for what we’ve all been waiting for–the food! TFS speciality is burgers and that’s what they stick to for the most part. I got The Overhaul and it was cooked perfectly. My burger had a homemade blue cheese sauce that tasted great on my burger but is also perfect for dipping your fries into.

TFS Burger

Can we talk about these fries? They’re cut shoestring style and are pretty much amazing. My sister and I may or may not have gone there just to get two baskets of fries. Cause they’re that good.

tfs meal

They’re not just serving up burgers and fries though. They have a big enough menu to accommodate anyone you’re going with including kids and vegetarians.

TFS menu

Also? They have beer. And wine. And ice cream. Really really good ice cream made just up the river in Kingston, NY. I highly recommend the Caramel Pretzel Crunch.

caramel pretzel crunch ice cream

Kid Friendly?

Yes! This is so important to me when I’m going out to eat. I pretty much always have my kids with me which means every place I go to has to be kid friendly. TFS has a kid friendly menu (who doesn’t like burgers and french fries?!) and the space is kid friendly as well. I’m not afraid they’re going to break anything and if they decide they want to stand up and stretch their legs I’m not worried about getting any dirty looks.

Bottom Line?

In case I wasn’t clear enough, I love this place and I’ll be back again!

If you’re visiting the North Rockland area don’t forget to stop at TFS then come back here and tell me how awesome I am for telling you about it!

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