Emilia is 6 Months

Whoa! This last month has brought a lot of milestones! 6 months old has been a biggie for Miss Emilia and the rest of our family since we’re the ones chasing after her!

Emilia is six months 2

First of all Emilia is officially crawling and she is absolutely everywhere. I find myself saying “where is Emilia” more often than I should! I turn around for a minute to help one of my other kids or try to get some work done and she’s already crawled into another room! Getting this photos has become a chore because she is ready to move. She doesn’t want to sit still she wants to join in on the fun and crawl towards me!

Emilia is six months 3

Not only is she crawling everywhere but she’s pulling to a stand. WHAAATTTT. She reminds me so much of Mason with how quickly she’s crawling and pulling to a stand. Kyla was fast too but something seems extra fast about Emilia. Here is what Kyla was up too at six months and Mason too for reference. While Emilia still loves being worn she loves being free too. Her preference seems to be crawling around. She now fights me when I try to put her in the carrier to nurse her to sleep. She just doesn’t want to be held back.

Emilia is still one of the happiest babies I know. Always smiling and always happy. I’m taking bets on when this sweet one starts walking. My mom swears that she’ll be walking by the time she comes down here in late August to move my sister in but I don’t think she will be. Cruising maybe. But walking? I’m not so sure about that. Apparently I was an early walker though so it could happen. I wouldn’t put anything past this girl. Though she is little she is fierce.

Emilia is six months old 4

We are blessed.

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