A Place to Call Their Own

This is sponsored written by me on behalf of Beneful and their Dream Dog Park initiative.

When we first got Cash one of the first things that we did was get an electric fence installed. Growing up we never had a fence for our dog and let me be the first to tell you it can prove to be very interesting especially when your dog is more like a puppy and anxious to be out and about all the time.


I can count on one hand how many dogs I could call my own in my life. The first one was Timmy. He was a beagle. I loved him so much! When he ran away the first time I was absolutely devastated. We had only had him a couple of days. I was about 4 and certain he was never coming back. We searched the entire neighborhood.



Timmy was nowhere to be found. Until we were all sitting in the living room and we heard barking at our door. Turns out Timmy just went for a joy run and when he was done, he knew exactly where home was. Fast forward a couple of years and Apache had joined our family. My mom had fallen in love with Apache when she went to the shelter to check out some dogs. He was on the schedule to be put to sleep and my mom having the heart that she does couldn’t have it. Apache or Pache as we called him was the dog I grew up with. He was a rascal. Every time we opened the front door Pache would bound for it. He didn’t care who was in the way. My mom, my grandmother, my two little sisters, it didn’t matter to him. He was out the door!

What did these two dogs have in common? They wanted to get out, they wanted FREEDOM! The fence made it so that freedom could be had every day, all I have to do is let Cash out and he goes and runs around, it helps him get his energy out and he’s always had a ton of energy.


Depending on where you live, fencing in your yard for your favorite pup may not be possible which is why parks are amazing but when it’s a human park it’s not as fun for your dog. Depending on the town/city you live in they may have to be on leash the entire time which means they can’t really enjoy the park. That’s where dog parks come in, a place they can call their own.

I live in an amazing area that has a dog park, it’s an awesome place where you can bring your dog to a fenced in area and let them run around leash free and interact with other dogs. Our local pool even does a swim day just for dogs. How fun is that?


Beneful being the dog lovers that they are understands how amazing dog parks are for dogs and their owners which is why over the past five years they’ve been helping to build or improve dog parks all over the country. The Dream Dog Park program started off as a contest but it quickly evolved into something more. Something that Beneful feels passionate about.

dog park effect

In 2016 they plan to support 12 parks through donations, services and more. Beneful has partnered with GoFundMe to help even more people get their dog parks to where they need to be. The GoFundMe page on Beneful features some awesome communities looking to give their dogs the benefits of a dog park.

After checking out some of the parks that Beneful has helped with it looks like my local park could use some improvements. I know exactly where to start. I’m feeling pretty lucky that I don’t have to start from scratch but if I did Beneful’s got me covered!

Do you have a local dog park or do you wish you had one?

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