Smells like Home

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It’s the time of the year again, when I pack up half my house and all my kids and head to New York. Usually I only stay a week or two but this time around I’m going to be here for an entire month. What does it also mean? Loads and loads of laundry all of which need to be fresh and clean so they can be packed into 1 of 4 luggages that all need to be squeezed into our car with all three kids!

packed in the car


While we were doing laundry and folding clothes Mason got in on the action. He folded all of his shirts and his shorts and he did an amazing job! I was thrilled. I think we officially have a new chore that we can add to him being able to do. I didn’t think he was old enough yet to do it but apparently I was very wrong. He was so proud of himself. He was also amazing on the car ride to New York holding his sister’s hand and helping whenever I needed his help.

What caught me off guard is that he kept saying he couldn’t wait to get home. I was confused. He was so excited to go to New York? Why does he want to go back home to Virginia? So I asked him and his reply made my heart melt.

“I mean home as in New York, it’s mema’s home and since it’s her home, it’s kinda like my home too”.

Yes buddy, yes it is.

I love our life in Virginia and it most certainly feels like home to me but so does walking into my parent’s house. All my siblings are there. It smells like home. It wasn’t long before I arrived home that I was doing laundry. Some stuff needed folding and we needed towels. So I pitched in. Walking into the laundry area smelled like home too, a mix of their laundry detergent and Ultra Downy fabric conditioner.

ultra downy fabric conditioner

The power of smell is incredible. It’s amazing how it can take you back to a moment, to a memory long forgotten. We do things a little differently at my house. We don’t use the same laundry detergent as my parents do and until recently we didn’t use Downy as often as they do. As soon as I opened the bottle and took a whiff it brought me back. Smelled like home.

If you’re anything like us (aka have kids) protecting their clothes and yours is important. We don’t want to have to buy new clothes every time we turn around, especially when we’re already doing that due to the rapid growth of our children. I always thought that fabric conditioner was just to keep clothes soft and smell nice but that’s not all it does. It helps clothes keep their shape and resist fading. It also protects towels from pilling and fuzz. It makes our favorite t-shirt as soft as it should be to keep us comfortable. Clothes get rubbed together and agitated during the wash cycle and Downy conditions, strengthens and lubricates the fibers in the clothing to protect it. Downy keeps clothes smelling fresh for longer!

take the sniff test

Take the Sniff Test! You can notice the difference by washing one load of laundry without Downy and one with Downy. Which ones smells better? Which ones looks better? You can grab yours at Walmart so that you can take the sniff test!

What smells like home to you? 

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