Emilia is 5 Months

5 Months of Emilia Marie. This girl continues to get happier and happier. We’ve only been in New York for a couple of days but my dad commented that if he didn’t know there was a baby in the house he wouldn’t know it! Emilia isn’t much a crier. It helps that we haven’t been experiencing much separation anxiety yet! I’m sure it’s coming but for now it’s nice to see my family being able to enjoy her and spend time with her. When she does cry she has a very clear reason and it’s usually that she wants her mama. I’m happy to oblige.
Emilia Marie is 5 Months Frame

We put another road trip under our belt and she did amazing, I wasn’t expecting that at all since I was the only adult on the trip but she totally rocked it as did Mason and Kyla which they typically do. The trip really felt like a dream come true as far as road trips go.

She is really on her way to being seriously active. She army crawls and scoots like you wouldn’t believe. She can also get herself in a tripod position all by herself as  semi-demonstrated here. She’s usually not this good but the frame helped balance her and I placed her there like that. She’s still a little top-heavy and wobbly though.

Emilia is 5 Months 2

I’m certain this next month is going to bring a crawler to our home. If she’s anything like Mason she’ll be rocking and rolling towards pulling to a stand shortly after. It’s so crazy to see this little thing moving the way she does. I’m so excited to be seeing her grow and watching her hit all her milestones but I’d be lying if I didn’t say I wish it was going by just a little slower. This first year seems to go by faster and faster with each child that we add to the family.

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