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My first born turned six earlier this year. Six.  Sometimes the thought of him being six years old overwhelms me. When did that happen? How am I a mom to a Kindergartener? How do I not only have a six year old but also a three year old and a 3 month old? With Emilia growing quickly I find myself reminiscing about when Mason and Kyla were babies. Especially when Mason was a baby since him and Emilia were born in the same month with birthdays just a week apart. I find myself comparing them often and also how I was as a mother.
Six years ago when I was a brand new mom I had a lot to learn but luckily I have a great mom who believe it or not still had a baby in diapers when I had Mason. That’s right, my little sister is just two years older than Mason. I learned a lot from my mom like how to go with the flow when it comes to a lot of baby situations. I learned about what products were musts and what could be left behind. Since I’m so much older than my brothers and sisters, bouncers, swings, diapers, wipes and all of that good stuff wasn’t foreign to me. In fact I even had a little bit of preference when it came to certain products like diapers and diaper rash cream.
butt original training
When Mason developed a rash from a brand of diapers we had chosen I was so upset for my sweet boy but I knew exactly what to do. I need to protect his skin. I grabbed what I knew would work, Boudreaux’s Butt Paste. I was not disappointed. Before we knew it the rash was gone, Mason’s skin was healed and we knew what diapers *wouldn’t* work for our baby. Like with many moms in my generation we’re concerned with the products that we’re using on and with our children. Whenever I’m buying something especially something that’s going onto my baby skin (hello largest organ) I think about what’s in it. Is it safe for my baby? Is it as natural as possible while still providing results? Can I pronounce everything that’s in it? Is it easy to use?
butt paste
Boudreaux’s Butt Paste has a variety of products to fit your needs, all of them with simple ingredients and quick results. It was developed by a pharmacist and father of four so he gets it which is why it’s paraben-, preservative, and phthalate-free with no artificial fragrances. There are three different types, Original Butt Paste for minor or moderate rashes, Maximum Strength for stubborn rashes and All Natural for minor or moderate rashes.
boudreaux's butt paste
It If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my last six years of motherhood it’s that you do what works, you do and use what feels good to you and fits your family’s lifestyle. For us, we’re always on the go and we’re always striving for a more natural lifestyle and our choices often align with that. I’m the first to say not always though because that’s just life.
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  1. Paula Caudill says

    I learned about the original boudreaux butt paste, when I first took care of my granddaughter. I have always used other products with my babies, but I really like this, it provided a protective coating while it heals, easy wipe off and it doesn’t burn or irritate.Thank you for the chance to win some great products! 🙂

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