How to Save & Organize Your Photos + MiMedia 500GB Yearly Membership Giveaway

A couple of days ago I was cleaning out an old drawer when I found one of my old cell phones. Mason immediately claimed it as “his” which I was fine with. He can pretend to text people and feel like a grown up. Since it was an old phone (think the models right before they all became touch screen and were no longer flip phones at all) he wasn’t sure how to use it. As I was teaching him how to use it I started looking through all the old pictures I had on my phone. There were so many. Most of these were from when Mason was under two. They were pictures that I had forgotten about but pictures they I loved. How could I not love them? They were of my sweet baby. Unfortunately they never made it off that phone, not to my computer, not to an external harddrive. They went no where and instead live on that phone. How sad is that?

When Emilia was born I vowed that things would be different, that I would finally catch up on printing my favorite pictures, saving them in safe places and ENJOYING them. With how many pictures the average person takes on a daily basis it feels impossible to organize them all which is why I was often deterred from the task. Saving and organizing them is key though so you don’t lose your photos, so you don’t lose your memories. When it comes to digital photos and saving them I believe in backing them up. Don’t just have them on your phone. That’s not enough to protect them. So what are you options for saving them? Let’s talk about how to save & organize your photos.

how to save and organize your photos

Print Them

I would love to print every single one of the photos that I get. In this day and age it’s not possible to print every photo. Our homes would be filled with pictures before our kids turned 18. Just imagine how many pictures you take per day. Now imagine printing them and finding a place in your home for them. Instead pick your absolute favorites and print those. Still have a ton of pictures you want to print every month? Use a service like Groovebook which prints books of 100 photos for $2.99 a month.

Store them on Your Computer or External Hard drive

I often sync my phone to my computer to make sure that my pictures of are in two places at once. Unfortunately I know how fragile computer hard drives can be and have experienced the loss of photos due to a hard drive failure. It’s a devastating feeling to know that you’ve lost all of your important information from photos to videos and important documents. So what do I do? I store my photos in another manner as well. External hard drives seem to be a little more sturdy and are portable which is nice for when you’re traveling and need information from your desktop or previous computers. I like to save everything on my computer to an External Hard drive. If you’re counting, this is the third way I save my photos and videos from my phone, four if you count my actual phone.

MiMedia Cloud Service

The fatal flaw with syncing your phone to your computer is that if you don’t do it every day or automatically you still risk losing your photos and videos from your phone. So what’s a gal to do? Cloud Service. MiMedia is my cloud service of choice for multiple reasons. The first is that it has three different ways that you can upload your media into your cloud database, a desktop app, the website and a phone app. It doesn’t just do photos & videos though it also holds and stores documents and music. Everything you need all in one spot without the hassle of remembering to sync items, it does that automatically or remembering to bring an extra piece of equipment along. Since you can upload to your cloud from three different locations you can make sure you’re never leaving anything behind no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

It doesn’t matter if you have an iPhone and a windows computer, just have the app in both locations and you’ll easily be able to have access to everything you need.

Looking for a platform you can safely and securely share your media from? MiMedia is that platform. Not only does it store your items but it makes it easy to share them as well. You can invite your friends and family to MiDrive through email, then those who have access can upload their pictures and videos and even chat with one another.

How to Organize

When it comes to organizing your photos and videos, the key is being able to find the photos and videos that you’re looking for when you need them. The best and more efficient way to organize them are like so:

organize your photos

I love that MiMedia automatically organizes your photos by the year and month they were taken. From there you can create collections for any special events. You can also mark your favorites for easy access or so you know which ones are “Must prints”.

MiMedia can also organize by the media platform you imported the photos from–Flikr or Facebook being an example.

It’s also easy to share right from MiMedia. My personal favorite feature is the “Surprise Me” feature where it will surprise me with a new video.



It was adorable to see an old video that I loved when I took at the time but had completely forgotten. I’m so excited to use this feature more often!




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