Emilia is 4 Months

One of my favorite parts about having kids has got to be watching them grow, seeing who they look like and what their personality will be. Emilia is looking more and more like her big brother but she also looks just like B which is so weird since Mason looks more like me and my side of the family than he does B. Genetics are so crazy and weird. I love it.

Emilia is 4 months

Emilia is rolling over a ton and scooting all over the place. I’ll leave her on the floor in one spot, run to the bathroom or switch the laundry around and by the time I get back she’s in a totally different spot. She’s also totally working on her abs. If I lay her down like in this picture above she’s all about trying to lift herself up!

Emilia Marie is 4 months 3

She continues to adore her big brother and sister, they always get the biggest smiles from her. She’s really just a happy baby in general which is such a blessing. Emilia is still in size 1 diapers but I think this will be the last pack in size 1. She’s officially switched over to all 3 month clothes. She doesn’t get much sleep during the day, lots of cat naps due to a busy family and siblings who prefer her to be up and playing but she sleeps fairly well through out the night only waking up a few times to nurse.

Emilia is 4 months 2

I love seeing her interact with the kids and while I do want her to slow down with the whole growing thing I’m looking forward to seeing more active interactions between her and her siblings. It’s been fun imaging what our family will look like this time next year!

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