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Have you ever had to make a doctor’s appointment and completely dreaded it? The thought of having to get all the kids dressed, drag them to the doctor’s office when they’re already sick, sit in the waiting room just to then sit waiting for the doctor in the exam room. It’s just a big hassle, especially when you only get a limited amount of time once the doctor arrives. But what if I told you that you didn’t always have to go that route? What if I told you that you could have qualified doctors make “house calls”?  How amazing would that be? Instead of dragging your already sick baby out of the  house you could just get a board-certified doctor to make a house call.

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The last time I took my kids to the doctor was for a well visit for my oldest daughter, I was really nervous that they would both end up sick just because Ky had an appointment and sure enough within the week they both had a pretty nasty cough. Back to the office we went! I can’t say for sure that they got it while at the doctor’s office but it was enough of a coincidence for me. It makes it so that I want to avoid going in whenever possible and now I truly can avoid it with Doctor On Demand. Doctor On Demand is the perfect and easiest way to see a doctor from the comfort of your own home. Yup. No leaving your house to visit the doctor, they can even write prescriptions when necessary. The physicians and psychiatrists are all board-certified and licensed in your state. All you have to do is download the app or register online, provide a list of symptoms and then you’re instantly connected for a video visit.

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It must be expensive right? WRONG. Medical visits are just $40 or less which can be some people’s co-pay. Add in the fact that you don’t have to leave your house and I’d say the visit is well worth it. That’s the cost if  your health plan doesn’t cover the service however your health plan may fully or partially cover the visit. Doctor On Demand is a great alternative to urgent care and emergency room visits for common medical conditions. With Spring in the air Doctor On Demand is a great way to figure out if you have allergies or if it’s just a common cold. Instead of waiting 3 weeks to see your primary care physician which is the national average wait time you can see a Doctor On Demand physician in just three minutes.  Your Doctor On Demand will give  you the right treatment right away and will be able to see first hand your home environment so they can determine what factors are contributing to your allergies. Don’t waste time self-medicating instead get an effective treatment plan through Doctor On Demand. Doctor On Demand can also help with Acne/Skin issues which is amazing considering how expensive dermatology appointments can be.

Another amazing service that Doctor On Demand offers is Lactation Consultant appointments. At this point in my life that is what myself and my family are most in need of. I was amazed that it was available and even more amazed at the amount of consultants they have available.



Clicking on their names gives you even more details and I was able to find the exact lactation consultant that I wanted to have an appointment too. When I went to schedule my appointment I discovered that she didn’t have any appointments available so I called Doctor On Demand to get some insight into when she may be available and was thrilled with my customer service experience, they were able to get in contact with the consultant and she was able to find room for me in her schedule. How awesome is that? To be clear there were other consultants available who could have seen me right away but I REALLY wanted the one who was well versed on tongue ties since I think that’s an issue my daughter is experiencing.

I love that you can choose your provider from those that are available it helps to make sure that you’re reaching someone who can help you with your specific needs, someone who you will feel comfortable with. I’m loving Doctor On Demand and while a part of me hopes I never have to use (who wants to NEED to see a doctor), I know I will have to in the future and I’m so glad it will be available to me when I do.

Doctor On Demand is a game changer for all parents especially for those looking for a lactation consultant or those looking for an alternative to traditional doctor visits. I know that for me when I was a first time mom I would have loved the ability to connect with a lactation consultant or physician without having to leave the comfort of my own home.

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