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One of my favorite parts about being Team Green is that it really helps you to save some money. While I was itching to buy things for BabyG4 I didn’t buy much at all. First of all we already have one of each so clothes wise we had pretty much everything we needed whether we had a boy or a girl. While we had recently did a destash of a lot of our baby items like swings, bouncers etc I wasn’t worried about buying those things again. I thought to myself I would either be babywearing or I would place the baby on my bed or the couch for the quick seconds I would need to put the baby down. No need to spend money we don’t have to spend right?

Fast forward to our Team Green baby being our 3rd little girl and having two other kiddos to take care of I had to put Emilia down for a moment or two way more than I thought I would have too. One of the reasons we weren’t anxious to get a lot of things for this baby was because we don’t have a lot of space. Since we don’t have a lot of space it’s always nice to have things that can function in different ways for us. Enter the Boppy® Newborn Lounger, maker of the Boppy® Feeding and Infant Support Pillow, Support for all Momkind®.

Emilia is almost three months old at this point and I’m wishing I had gotten the Bobby Newborn Lounger from the very beginning.

enjoying the bobby lounger

I love how incredibly easy it is to move from room to room. If I have to get all three kids upstairs and ready to bathe it can be hard to bring larger items up and down the stairs. My “big” kids are always under foot and the last thing I want to do is trip because I’m trying to do too much at once, like always. The newborn lounger is so lightweight and has an easy to grab handle making it easy for me to have Emilia, grab the lounger and get everyone where they need to be.

easy to grab handle

Since it’s so portable I take it just about anywhere with me and I do mean everywhere. One of my favorite places to bring it with me is to the park when we walk there. I just pop it in our wagon and once we get to the park it’s the perfect place for Emilia to lay comfortably.

in the wagon

The other kids get to enjoy it too while it’s in the wagon once Emilia gets moved to the baby carrier, it make a nice pillow. The lounger has a recessed interior that provides has a slight angle perfect for keeping babies at just the right angle. It’s the perfect spot for placing Emilia right after she’s finished nursing. If she does happen to spit up the fabric cover is wipeable for easy cleaning which as an parent knows is very important.

Even though Emilia is already 3 months old the lounger still has plenty of life in it since you can use it with infants up to 16 pounds. When we’re done we don’t plan on getting rid of it though. My big kids love laying on the floor to watch a movie and using it as a pillow or sitting on it.


Having a safe, comfortable place to put Emilia down while I give the kids a bath, am working or just want some play time with her has been awesome. I love the height. It’s pretty much perfect especially for when the kids want to interact with her. I don’t have a lot of baby gear this time around, but I’m so glad I have the Bobby Newborn Lounger!

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You can get the Bobby Newborn Lounger at Babies R Us, Target and

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