Emilia’s 3 Months

Stop the presses! Emilia is 3 months old, ALREADY! We finally went to her first pediatrician appointment and we had quite a shock when Emilia was measured. This little girl was in the 80th percentile for height which if you know anything about me or B you know that’s quite impressive. My kids have always been average and then slowly slipped towards the low end of the charts but not this girl. 80th percent for height?! Amazing!

Emilia 3 months Frame

Emilia is in between newborn and 3 month clothes. I’m not sure how I feel about this! She seems to have been in newborn clothes longer than the other two but I’m still not ready for this transition, slow down little one! Bath time has become much more enjoyable for Emilia with no crying, WOOT WOOT.

Emilia 3 months EFB

Emilia has found her feet which I find so cute. She thinks they’re fascinating. So fascinating that she insists on putting them in her mouth! She’s spending more and more time awake which is nice. I love interacting with her because she becomes so animated.

Emilia 3 months 2 EFB

Here’s to another month with Emilia!

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