Baby’s Journey Smart Sync Baby Monitor Review

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Six+ years into this mom gig and I have a little confession to make. I still check my children multiple times throughout the night. Since both Mason and Kyla tend to wake up at least once in the middle of the night I get nervous when they haven’t so I sneak up the stairs to check on them. Of course they’re always fine and shortly after checking on them they wake up.

I’d like to pretend that it’s not because I woke them up when I went to check on them but I know it is. What’s the alternative? A monitor. I’ve tried a lot of monitors out over the years. Most recently I’ve been testing out the Baby’s Journey Smart Sync baby monitor.

att sync monitor

What stands out to me about this monitor is that it allows you to track your baby’s weight, length, sleep habits, feedings and diaper changes. When they’re sick you can also track their temperature and medications. The monitor also has a journal section that allows you to type notes when necessary. It would be the perfect place to mark milestones like “first roll” or “first laugh”.

log chart

One of the first things I do when I get something to review is I try to put together or set up the product without reading the directions. While you may find that odd the reason I choose to do it this way is because I want to make sure that whatever I’m using is intuitive. I want to make sure that it’s easy to set up. The truth of the matter is as parents in most cases while we’re setting up our items our kids are around, they can be distracting enough as it is without having a difficult to set up product.

Setup on the Baby’s Journey Smart Sync baby monitor was a breeze. You power it on and follow a series of steps. Looking at directions wasn’t something I needed to do at all. The entire setup process was intuitive and easy to understand.

Baby monitors have come a long way in the last couple of years. The quality of the images keep getting better and this monitor is no exception. The monitor is a  large 5″ touch screen. Which is a huge rather large and great for viewing purposes. You also have the option to view from your phone, the monitor and app sync so you always have the information you need on hand. The camera has a wide angle which allows me to see a large portion of the room without having multiple cameras. The night vision is great, I  can actually make out my children instead of just seeing blobs on a screen.

baby's journey monitor view

If the camera catches something adorable you can snap a picture. If you’re viewing from your phone you can immediately share it to Facebook or Twitter. The sound quality is good as well and I love that the lights also go up on the side of the screen to coincide with the noise. It’s nice for when I have the volume lower but the monitor is in my line of sight.

Having a reliable internet connection is important with this monitor since the camera and monitor are connected to each other via wifi. Mine isn’t always wonderful and I found that there was some lag. At one point I could see myself on the monitor even though I was no longer in view of the camera. Ultimately it wasn’t a big deal and it adjusted itself fairly quickly.

Something else to keep in mind is that this monitor does not allow you to speak to your child through the monitor. While this isn’t a huge deal I did miss having the ability to do that as it was helpful especially with my older children. They typically wake up looking for me and I’m often afraid they will wake up Emilia if I can’t get them to quiet down quickly. Being able to speak to them through the monitor is helpful although not a deal breaker as it does sometimes freak out the kids.

Bottom Line?

This is a great monitor with a lot of great features.

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