Emilia’s 2 Months

Miss Emilia is 2 months old. We’re all adjusting well to her being here. She’s still not a huge fan of being put down. 4th trimester is completely accurate for this little one. I’m happy to hold her whenever I can for as long as I can. I just love her face. Mason and Kyla are pretty obsessed with her face too! They always want to kiss it.

kisses for Emilia 2 months


Emilia is a super happy baby. The only time she really cries is when we’re not holding her. She doesn’t like being put down at all. I don’t blame her though. I wouldn’t want to be put down either if I were her!

2 Months with Emilia

She’s not too terrible in the car but when she does start to cry Mason holds her hands and sings to her. She adores that.

Emilia 2 Months C

Smiles for days.

Emilia 2 Months D

Here’s to another great month with Emilia.

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