Baby G4’s Birth Story: The Beginning

There are so many different places I can start with this birth story. Where I’m going to choose to start was the day I was 39 weeks and two days. Why? Because that was the day I went into labor with Kyla and went that day passed I realized that I didn’t expect myself to be pregnant passed that point so when I was it felt like I had entered this place of limbo. A place where a baby was suppose to have arrived but hadn’t. It was a weird feeling. When I hit 40 weeks and passed it I was even more surprised. Aren’t 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc babies suppose to come “early”? The Saturday after my due date I headed to get a slice of eggplant parm, surely that would send me into labor right? Worked with Mason after all!

eggplant parm slice

Wrong. The Sunday after my due date I decided I was going to walk the baby out so I went to Costco with my friend, we walked all around and then headed to Target. I started getting a ton of consistent Braxton Hicks contractions and I thought “this could be it”. I let my mom know that I could be in early labor but ended up telling her that she was better off going to work. I’m glad she did because by the time midnight hit the Braxton Hicks contractions had petered out. I woke up the next morning, not in labor!

The further I got away from my due date the more likely it was that my Mom was going to be in Dallas during the birth and not with me. The further I got from my due date the closer I got to the day we were expecting a serious snow storm. I tried to push it out of my mind, hopeful I would go into labor before than but also fairly certain I wouldn’t. I knew this would be a snow baby, I’ve thought it since the beginning when I debated having a home birth. Knowing that my mom and sister were most likely not going to be able to make it my Aunt headed my way on Tuesday the 19th, to wait this baby out with me and be there to help once baby arrived. I was glad she because that night a couple of hours before her arrival I started having Braxton Hicks contractions. They were coming super fast and were “strong” for not real contractions. I alerted B and let him know that “this could be it”. I told my Aunt too just in case and even my mom. My mom was hopeful I was in labor as well and talked about coming to see me so she didn’t miss the birth. I told her I thought it was a bad idea since she had a flight to catch on Friday and at that point the storm was going to start on Thursday. I mentioned that we were expected to get 13 inches that first night and her response was pretty much a shoulder shrug. It had me laughing.


It was clear however from talking to her that she had made up her mind, she was coming. By the next morning my Braxton Hicks had completely stopped. Wednesday morning my Aunt, B and I were sitting around the table when we got a knock at the door. We were surprised but NOT shocked to see my mom and sister at the table. Kyla was thrilled to see them (Mason was at school), we went out to dinner and then ran some errands while my mom did school work. When we got back we found out that the airline had canceled all Friday flights and that if they wanted to make it to Dallas they had to catch a flight out Thursday night. Before my mom and my sister had been in Virginia for 24 hours they were headed back out.

Thursday my Aunt and I got Mason off to school and then we ran a bunch of errands, we made returns, stopped at the grocery store and got prepared in general for baby and the snow storm. When we got back from the grocery store around 2pm I realized that I was starting to lose my mucus plug. I tried not to get too excited but as it continue to happen with every trip to the bathroom I knew that this was the start of something. I started to get contractions that were fairly spaced but this time they weren’t Braxton Hicks, they were the real deal!


Also the real deal? The snow storm that was headed our way. By this time it was scheduled to start around 11am on Friday 1/22. I knew that I wasn’t going to make it through the weekend and we were all a little nervous. School was already canceled for Mason and it seemed like the storm was going to live up to it’s hype.

Blizzard 2016 Forecast


I spent the night packing for the birth center and wondering if we’d be able to make it there and if we’d be able to make it back!

To be continued…

Emilia's 2 Weeks Old
Emilia Week 1 in Pictures

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