School Lunch Made Easy

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10 years ago if you had told me I’d be packing my child’s lunch every day I would have told you “You’re crazy”. Once I actually had children and I became a little “crunchier” I actually WANTED to make Mason’s lunch but I was nervous that he wouldn’t want me to pack his lunch. I was nervous he would want to eat whatever the cafeteria was serving up. Turns out Mason is picky and 90% of the time he doesn’t want what the cafeteria is making him even though they have three different options daily which is way better than the options I had as a kid. My options went like this: Don’t like the hot lunch? Here’s a PB & J.

Mason is a special kind of picky kid. He’s picky and only likes a few limited, realistic choices but he also wants variety which puts me on high alert for snacks he’ll love since the fruit and sandwich options are few and far between.

When it comes to his snacks especially at school I’m on the picky side myself. I don’t want him filling up on sugar filled snacks during his snack time or lunchtime. Fruit is a non-negotiable. He has to have and eat his fruit every day during either snack time or lunch. Sometimes both. Since he’s so good about it I do like to let him have something outside of a fruit or vegetable at times. For those snacks I look to Target’s Simply Balanced brand. I love that so much of it is organic.

simply balanced snacks

While Mason does get water every day occasionally I’ll also pack him a juice box from the Simply Balanced brand since it’s organic fruit juice. Every morning Mason and I decide together what he’s going to have for snack and his lunch. Mason deciding what he wants is always a time suck until I introduced the snack basket.

Snack Storage

I got this adorable basket in the Target dollar spot and I knew immediately that it would be great for snacks. I plan on grabbing two more because they look adorable on the top of my fridge where I decided to store them since it’s out of reach of both Mason and Kyla!

The snack basket is pulled down every morning and Mason is allowed to pick his snack. While he’s deciding I make his sandwich and pack the rest of his lunch. Right now he has a Chocolate Chip Granola bar, Strawberry Fruit Snacks and Strawberry Fruit & Grain bars to choose from.

simply balanced organic snacks

I’m loving our new morning routine. Mason being able to see his options makes it much easier for him to make a decision on what he wants.

When it comes to his actual meal it’s always either a Ham Sandwich HOLD THE MAYO or a Peanut Butter and Jelly. I want him to branch out a bit so the last time I was at Target I got him a hot lunch container. I’m thinking Macaroni and Cheese may be an option in his future. I really want to introduce this fun idea to him next week: Peanut Butter Dunkers.

peanut butter dunker

Do you pack your child’s lunch? What do you typically pack for them?

do you cartwheel

If you don’t know what Cartwheel is you NEED TO KNOW. It’s one of my most used apps. Cartwheel is basically a coupon app exclusively for Target. I love to browse through and see what’s on sale but I also like to shop for what I need and then scan my items using the app to see if any of the items are on sale. When I was getting the Simply Balanced snacks there were quite a few on sale which felt like a huge WIN!


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