Kyla is TWO!

Today is Kyla’s birthday! She turned TWO. It’s hard for me to believe that two years ago I wrote this and this. It’s hard to believe that it’s been two years when it all feels like yesterday. I remember her birth so clearly. From what I did all day long to what I ate for “dinner” and how I felt once I arrived at the birth center.

Kyla is our rainbow baby and let me tell you, she has lived up to that in ways I could never even imagine. She makes my heart full. The joy she gives me, her Dad, Mason and our entire family is indescribable!

Even though I can hardly believe that it’s been a year since her last birthday, it has been, and what a difference a year makes.

Kyla at 1 and 2

Still the same little girl but so different at the same time! Kyla is a silly little thing, always ready and willing to laugh and play!

Kyla is Sassy LU

Lately she’s also been super sassy. Walking around with her hands on her hips and giving me little smirks. This picture here explains it a lot, my little model in training.

Kyla the model LU

Kyla at twoloves

Mommy, Daddy and Mason

The Children’s Museum


Mickey Mouse aka “Maw Maw”

Sofia the First

favorite foods


Mac and Cheese



she says

A ton of things but recently she’s started to say “Love You”

She loves to say “Mine” and “No”


Cereal (which sounds like another language)

she can

Run so fast you would think she’s trying to escape prison.

Shake her booty!

Climb like a monkey

Scratch you and pinch you so hard you would think she didn’t actually like you.

Throw a Tantrum with the best of them.

Make a bad day good in 2 seconds flat.

paragraph breaker

This year my Toddler who I still consider my baby will officially be a toddler in my eyes. I’m so excited to see what the next year brings and all the ways she grows.

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