Homemade Sunflower Seed Butter

I’m slightly obsessed with sunflower seeds. I LOVE them and have loved them for many years. I remember buying bag after bag of Sunflower seeds from the concession stand during baseball season. Growing up sunflower seeds would be the main ingredient in some of my concoctions that I would make in the kitchen. I was obsessed with coming up with new recipes. I blame this in large part on my easy bake oven. One time I made this brown sugar sunflower seed toffee bar type thing. I have no idea how to make it now but I remember it tasting so good. Nowadays I use sunflower seeds as a topping on my salads. Needless to say it there are so many delicious ways to have sunflower seeds and my newest obsession is Sunflower Seed Butter.

sunflower seed butter

Over the last couple of years I’ve seen Sunbutter in the stores and I wanted so badly to purchase it but I couldn’t get over the price tag. $8+ on a jar? I couldn’t do it. Then I got a Blendtec after YEARS of wanting one. I’ve been making mostly smoothies but decided I wanted to try out the twister jar. While looking through the recipe books that came with it I realized I could make peanut butter, it immediately dawned on me that I could also make Sunflower Seed butter so that’s exactly what I did. In what seemed like 2 seconds flat, I made homemade sunflower seed butter. It comes out of the Blendtec warm and liquidy. It was hard to resist not eating a spoonful or two straight from the jar. So I did exactly that!

Homemade Sunflower seed butter

The Blendtec made making this SO easy but if you don’t have one a food processor will do just as well. It make take a little longer though and I would suggest doing 6oz of sunflower seeds at a time. After it’s finished pour into an air tight container like this and store in the refrigerator!

Homemade Sunflower Seed Butter


12 oz Salted Sunflower Seeds
1 tbs Coconut Oil


  1. 1. Put 12oz of Salted Sunflower Seeds and 1 tablespoon of coconut oil in your twister jar.
  2. 2. Choose the "Butter" setting.
  3. 3. Store in an air tight container in the refrigerator.
  4. 4. Enjoy!


If you don't have a high speed blender like a Blendtec or a Vitamix you can make this in a food processor just blend until smooth. It may take a little longer.


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  1. nicole dz says

    I love sunflower see butter! I never tried making my own before, but it looks so easy. My kids love this stuff too on toast. So good.

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