Chocolate Almond Vanilla Milkshake

Disclosure: This post was inspired by my partnership with SheSpeaks and Bounty.

Any chance I get to use my Blendtec I jump all over it. I use it pretty much every day but I love when it gets used more than once in a day. It makes me feel good about a pretty expensive purchase. With Spring officially here (although the weather the last couple of days says otherwise) I’m already thinking about Summer. Isn’t that funny? I was excited for Spring to get here and now that it’s here I’m like OKAY, COME ON SUMMER.

I’m a girl that eats ice cream all year long but once the weather gets warm it’s like I can’t get it off of my mind. I want it all the time. I’m pretty sure it’s genetic. My mother loves it too. Not too long ago I got a milkshake maker, it was the old fashioned kind. While it worked way better than I thought it would I was fairly confident it wouldn’t have a leg to stand on next to my Blendtec.

Spoiler Alert: I was right.

Chocolate almond vanilla milkshake .

I’m a huge fan of vanilla. It’s my favorite because you can pretty much make it whatever you want it to be and still have it be amazing and delicious. This time I made it Chocolate Almond. A chocolate almond vanilla milkshake.

Even if you don’t have a Blendtec it’ll still be delicious. You’ll need 2 cups vanilla bean ice cream, 1/4 milk (or more) and 3 tablespoons Hershey’s Chocolate Almond spread.

chocolate almond vanilla milkshake ingredients

The next step is as easy as adding all the ingredients into the jar. Blend until smooth. Then drink before it melts.

chocolate almond vanilla milkshake 2

Not so hard right!? And majorly delicious. What is hard though? The sticky mess a milkshake can leave behind. Make it with your kids? Well then you’ve got even more of a mess.

dirty sticky mess

Insert Bounty with Dawn. This isn’t your ordinary paper towel. It’s specially designed 2-in-1 product that combines the ulta durable Bounty paper towel you’re used too with the power of Dawn dish soap. The Dawn is activating by adding water, which is exactly what I did to clean up the sticky ice cream mess.

all cleaned up

Not only was I able to clean up that mess with just one sheet of Bounty with Dawn but I kept it going and wiped done the stove (something I should have done AFTER breakfast not hours later) and I cleaned the counter in front of our microwave. This was all with just one sheet of Bounty with Dawn. All I did was rinse, wring out and reuse.

Bounty with Dawn

See the Dawn?! As I explained to B so he didn’t waste our Bounty with Dawn, you don’t want to use this paper towel for just any ole mess. Use it when you need to the grease off the stove top or a sticky dried mess!

I was super impressed with how durable and strong it is, I’m excited to add this to our kitchen clean up routine.

Have you tried Bounty with Dawn? How would you use it in your kitchen? Who’s the bigger mess maker? You, your partner or your children?!

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