Mason & Kyla Week 43

When I first started thinking about going to school in Virginia I was super excited about the fact that I was going down South. That it was going to be SO warm. That it wasn’t going to snow. EVER. The first year I lived in Virginia the entire winter (instead of going home for college breaks) it snowed more in Virginia than it did in New York. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve gotten use to the climate but it seems like every year it gets colder and colder.

For the last week it has been freezing. We’ve only left the house to go to school and Friday, since we were already out we went to the children’s museum. Other than that we’ve been locked in our house trying to stay warm. The kids got some quality time with Daddy Saturday into Sunday when one of my clients needed me. They’re getting used to it for sure but I think it may take a couple more births until Kyla isn’t up, upset and looking for me.

Speaking of Kyla, I know I said this last week and maybe even the week before but oh my is her vocabulary growing like crazy Of course right now I can’t even think of the new words she said but trust me when I say, she’s saying them 😉

Her and Mason are getting cuter and cuter each week too if I do say so myself.

Mason and Kyla Week 43


Ignore the food in Kyla’s mouth. She’s still cute.

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