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This time last year a friend posted a picture of her child who is around the same age as Mason writing his name. Mason was NO WHERE near that. Not only was he no where near it but when I decided to see if he too could miraculously write his name he looked at me like I was crazy and promptly said no. I couldn’t help but think that maybe he was beyond.

It didn’t take long for me to realize that he wasn’t behind at all (Thank you Google) and now he’s all about writing his name as well as numerous other letters and even words like “Mom”.  He’s also been showing an interest in reading. He wants to interpret the pictures and will often “read along” with me by repeating the words after I say them. He’s even memorized a few books! Recently I’ve been debating if I wanted to home school Mason for at the very least, Kindergarten but I’ve had numerous reservations one of which was “How would I teach him out to read”? I fear that my biggest challenge would be getting him to listen to me and pay attention.

I always tell B that if I think I’m in need of something it seems like the blogging world brings it back to me. The same week I had the conversation about homeschooling and reading with B was the same week I found out about Rosetta Stone’s reading program for children. This was especially exciting for me because I love to support local businesses whenever I can and FUN FACT Rosetta Stone is very local to me, in fact it’s about 5 minutes down the road and employs many people in my town!

rosetta stone kids reading

When I told Mason about the program he was so excited! Learn to read? YES, Please! Play on Mommy’s Computer? YES, Please! I was SO glad that he was excited. It made me feel like our nightly reading and story time trips were all worth it. He not only likes to read but he wants to learn too.

using rosetta stone reading

Rosetta Stone Kids Reading is designed specifically for ages 3-7, they partnered with literacy experts at Lexia Learning to create the program. Since more than 47% of U.S Children are below grade-level reading I want to make sure that Mason gets a head start! For kids his age (4) they recommend about 15-20 minutes a day. Without that guidance Mason still said he was about done about that time which I thought was great. I love that the program is online and is available on tablet devices as well. That’s huge for me since at times it seems like we’re constantly on the go.

There are ten levels in the reading program that includes 600 units of learning material and 50 activities and games.


You work your way through the levels and units while learning the most important reading skills: phonological awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension. Both Mason and Kyla love the little Lingos that lead you through the levels and activities.

One of the biggest challenges I’ve had with Mason is getting him to want to learn while we’re reading, I’ll try to get him to sound out words or identify letters and he’s just not into it. He wants me to read to him, not teach him. I’ve found however that if I give him access to programs like Rosetta Stone Kids Reading or a workbook then he’s all about it! He’s not just doing it but he’s ASKING me to do it. For him having the learning come from elsewhere seems to work best for him and our family.

Mason has really enjoyed doing these activities through Rosetta Stone Kids Reading Program and I love that I can sit there and do it with him OR walk away if I need to do other things. It’s easy enough for him to navigate on his own once I get him to the home screen. Mason doesn’t get much computer time since our only computer is my work computer so I love that this program gets him on the computer and using it. It’s so important to me that he learns how to navigate a computer and learn how to use a mouse and a mouse pad before he starts school. Since technology is so ingrained in our society and will continue to be so it’s important to me that Mason learns these skills, he’s going to need them! It’s a bonus that he’s also learning to read while using this program.

There is also a parents section where I can track Mason’s progress and see how he’s doing. I’ve found that the more Mason does the program the more open he is to my story time questions like “What letter is this” or “What sound does that letter maker?”.

With all that said, this is a keeper for our family! Here’s a condescended version of what the Rosetta Stone Kids Reading Program is all about!

Important Features

  •  Ages 3-7
  • 10 levels that include 600 units of learning material and 50 activities and games
  • Teaches phonological awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension.
  • Compatible with Desktop Computers, Laptops and Mobile Devices.
  • Easy to Navigate for Parent & Child
  • Parents Section to Track Child’s Progress
  • Supports multiple children

Free Trial Rosetta Stone Kids Reading

You can get a free trial of Rosetta Stone Kids Reading here.


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