Homemade Soup in 45 Minutes or Less

Let’s talk homemade meals. I love them. You love them. Everybody loves them right?

Now let’s talk about soup. Who loves soup? I DO! And I bet you do too. My Mom doesn’t though. She’s weird ;).

When is the last time you made homemade soup? I’ll be honest for me it’s been a while even though I love it. See the preparation and the waiting for it to be cooked can sometimes take forever. Most of the time, it’s well worth it. If you didn’t mess it up of course. But I want soup more often. I want soup once a week during the winter and that’s where Frontier Soups come into play!

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Frontier Soups has a variety of soups available. Each soup serves 4-5 with MEAL size servings. We’re not talking snack size! Each soup is ready in about 30-45 minutes depending on the variety you get. I was sent 6 of their soups to try out!

frontier soups

As you can see the soups are dried l to preserve them. They come with most of what you need. All you have to add most of the time is the protein (Chicken, Beef, etc) and stock. They’re made with 100% Natural Ingredients and non-gmo corn! They have Vegetarian options and Gluten Free options available as well.

One of the main reasons I decided I wanted to try out these soups is because I’m always looking for quick and healthy alternatives for my family. We’ve been trying to step of way from overly processes foods. I read the back of every single one of these soups and I could easily pronounce every single thing in them. That’s HUGE and so important to us.

All Homemade in Minutes Frontier Soups have no MSG, no preservatives and no added salt.

The first soup we tried was the South of the Boarder Tortilla Soup

Frontier Tortilla Soup

For this soup we needed to add the chicken and chicken stock. Then we opted to add shredded Cheddar Cheese and sour cream as toppings. From the first bite we took we were sold! I was pleasantly surprised at the delicious flavor and can’t wait until I can purchase it somewhere locally. In the meantime I can order online and so can you! They have monthly specials and also sell other products like dips and cornbread mix!

BuyItIf you’re a Mom’s Meet member you can take advantage of this special.

moms meet frontier soup

All six of the soups I was able to try for $28.80 plus free shipping which saves you $7.20 and makes each soup $4.80! Get the deal here.

Normally Soups are between $6.00 and $7.00 and can be purchased online or you can use the Store Locator to find a store near you!

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