Mason’s First Day of Pre-K

The other day in my Moms Support group someone posted this article about your child going off to Kindergarten. Against my better judgement I read it. I read it and I cried. Just last year I was talking about having a 3 1/2 year old and him going to preschool and now I have a 4 1/2, year old and he’s in Pre-K. And in LESS than a year he’ll be in Kindergarten.

August will roll around and I will be walking my little guy to school and I will ask myself “How did we get here?”

It’s inevitable because I’m already asking myself, “How did we get here?”. How do I have a 4 1/2 year? He has grown up so much this summer. The other day I sat at the kitchen table during dinner time and as B and I listened to him talk I started to tear up because WHOA was he so grown.

Here is today September 5th, 2014 on his first day of Pre-K.

Mason 1st Day Pre-K 2014

Mason First Day of Preschool 2014

and just to showcase a little bit of his personality, these shots were all taken within seconds of each other.

hes got personality

And finally here’s a quick shot from last year to this year!

preschool years

Can you see the changes!? I sure can!

Adorable sign courtesy of my dear friend and fellow March Mama Megan who has a great Etsy shop here. She sells signs like this and other chalkboard style items for first birthdays!

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