Mason and Kyla: Week 25

Last week was a slow one. We were prepping for the beach and I had A TON of work to catch up on so we didn’t do much. Saturday we headed to the Farmer’s Market and I FINALLY got some Honey crisp Apples. Unfortunately she informed me that this Saturday will be the last week they have them and OF COURSE I’ll be at the beach! Such a shame!

We also went to Target where I got a HUGE haul of clothes for Mason for next summer. So big in fact that I think I need to return some of them because when I came home and counted he had 11 pairs of shorts. Me thinks that’s too much.

Sunday we woke up, finished getting ready and headed to the beach. Mason was so excited to go that he insisted on sleeping in his swim trunks and rash guard! It started raining right when we got into North Carolina and it didn’t stop until the next morning. Fortunately we love our little beach house and the kids do too. They’re really in love with the phones. See this house has a land line and my kids GASP have never seen a land line before in a private home. A cordless phone that wasn’t a cell phone and doesn’t have a screen?

They were a little obsessed.

Mason and Kyla Week 25

I finally got their attention and they were all “What Ma? Can’t you see I’m on the phone?”

Mason and Kyla Week 25 B

Two peas in a pod these two.

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Mason, the Model
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