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On Friday I packed up half my house and the kids and headed to NY to visit my family for my sister’s Sweet 16. It’s a 6 hour drive that typically becomes at least 7 with two children. It can be absolutely exhausting especially when you have a child who doesn’t like the car *ahem* Kyla.

By the time I arrive in New York I feel awful and I’m ready to crash. I look forward to the many arms that want to hold my babies so that I can relax and for the first time in a long time use the bathroom without a child at my feet. If you’re a mom I’m sure you can commiserate with that. Luckily thanks to my family I can attest to how  relaxing using the bathroom can be when you don’t have little bodies trying to sit on your lap! Or my personal favorite, trying to help you wipe!

um no tina

Whenever I’m here I always take my time in the bathroom I never rush. I don’t have too when there are 5+ people available at all times to help watch the kiddos and keep them distracted from the fact that mommy isn’t right there! I can take forever in the shower and spend time doing my hair and even GASP put on make up!

I always feel more refreshed than usual after bathroom time here especially with the help of Cottonelle Fresh Care Cleansing Cloths and Clean Care Toilet Paper.


You can get both of these items at CVS which is exactly where I purchased them. I had a CVS Cottonelle coupon which made the purchase that much better! This is not the first time I’ve used these cleansing cloths and it certainly won’t be the last.

I’m sure you’re thinking ewww this is gross. I don’t want to hear what your bathroom routine is like but let’s be real here, we’re all moms (and Dads), heck we’re all human. Everyone has bathroom routines. Everyone needs a clean bum! There’s no shame. Unless of course you don’t have a clean bum. Now that’s something to be ashamed about!

Something I’ve always wondering is why we stop using wet wipes after we stop using diapers, it just doesn’t make sense. Follow your baby’s lead and use Cleansing Cloths! You won’t be disappointed. You’ll feel fresher, more confident and ready to take on the day!

Trust me on this okay?


1.50 off

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