SipSnap Cup Toppers

I’m usually not one to post about Kickstarters. I think they’re awesome but very rarely does something come along that I get super excited about. Something that I want to share with other Moms because it’s that awesome.

And then SipSnap came along and I very quickly posted it in my March group to get their thoughts and opinions. It was a hit all around! Which is why I was not surprised that they hit their original kickstarter campaign goal within a few short days! So what’s everyone so excited about? Check it out!

I don’t know about you but I love the idea that all you need is TOPS no more worrying about what top goes with what bottom or wondering where in the world that little tiny plastic piece that actually makes the darn cups work  has gone!

sip snap tot

For supporting the campaign you DO get a reward, anywhere from a set of the SipSnap TOT or the SipSnap KID to the entire family, depending on how much you decide to contribute! The TOT is the one with the sippy cup spout and the TOT is the one with the straw! It stretches to fit a variety of cups.

sip snap stretchesAnd let me also note that even though the one with the straw is meant for a older kids it would be great for adults as well! I would love to make any drink I have at home portable with just a simple and easy lid!

It comes in a variety of colors (if you donate $100 or more you get everything in this picture which includes; All SipSnaps in all colors plus 4 carrying cases and 6 all natural, petroleum free, bamboo fiber cups.)

sip snap whole family

These are *not* available for purchase yet but will be made available in August of 2014 and then you can buy SipSnap products!


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